Jill Rabin, Teleprompting Specialist

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I’ve always believed that good Teleprompting isn't just about turning the knob. A Teleprompter Operator's job is to make performers and presenters feel as comfortable as possible delivering their lines, speeches or lyrics.

Based in Vancouver BC, Canada, I have over 20 years experience in Teleprompting for Television, Film, Commercial and Video Production, Webcasting, Corporate Events, Award Shows, as well as 15 years experience in Live Broadcast News.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, I’m as comfortable prompting in French as in English. I can also follow Italian, Spanish, German and most other languages that use the Latin/Roman alphabet.

My operators are among the best AV Technicians in Western Canada and always get rave reviews from my clients.

In 2015 we were part of the FOX Sports broadcasting team that won the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Team Studio for the "FIFA Women's World Cup".

Please see my Services page for a description of the equipment available. Have a look at my Client List to get a better idea of some of the things we’ve done and the people we’ve worked with over the years.